Privacy Policy

Collect and use information

To provide services to users, we may collect some of the following information:

Cookies: When you visit the website, we send one or more cookies. This cookie is a small text file that records the website’s information on Google. It helps you access our site faster on subsequent visits. Cookies are very safe and cannot carry viruses to your device, so you can be assured.

Log information: Our servers may record information about your visit to websites such as browser, language, date, etc. Besides, we may collect information about the pages you have viewed and other actions related to the site. Also, we use Google Analytics to track user weaknesses to enhance user experience.

Third-party ads: We may use third-party ads to serve ads when you visit the website. That will bring in revenue to help us maintain this site.

Information sharing and security

We do not share any user information with any organization without the user’s permission.
We take appropriate security measures to prevent some unauthorized access or destruction of data. Also, we want to prevent spam tools on the site to avoid affecting users.

Policy changes

Note that our policies may change from time to time. However, we will not reduce your rights under this policy without yours and our permission. Most changes will not be significant to the user. You can follow this page to update our policy if there is a change.

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